Catering Contracts

Catering contracts are legal agreements entered by the consumer and caterer to supply food for a specified period or a particular event. Catering contracts facilitates food services at sporting events, airlines, and university canteens, office canteens and in many social gatherings. Some well-known and innovative catering professionals handle catering contracts. This ensures better quality food, as many times chefs understand the cutting edge of the consumers taste.

Catering contracts are cost effective and save a lot of time when arranging events. The professional caterer’s plan and schedule arrangements as per requirements. As the burden of running the event successfully is wholly dependent on the contractor’s shoulders, they fully involve themselves in every activity. Now-a-days large companies are working with contract caterers who offer best quality of food. This sector also offers more opportunities for career development. Normally, catering contracts are independent with few contracts in order to provide better quality and services. Some international contract caterers provide catering services worldwide for large multi-national corporations.

Catering contractors endeavor to satisfy guests in all possible ways. There are various types of catering contracts from stylish served meals to fun filled entertaining events.

In order to host a function properly it is essential to inform the catering contracts before 3 working days. Number of people attending the event should be specified, and in any case the catering contracts will be prepared for 5% above the specified number. If extra guests attend, charges will have to be borne by the hosts. Catering contracts take a deposit of 50% of total estimated amount before the event for occasions like meeting and event services. Remaining 50% is taken at the time of the function.

If an event is cancelled without a three days notice, the deposit will be refunded by deducting 10%. Recommendations on themes or packages offered are taken into consideration that may be appropriate for the event. Prices listed are subjected to change to meet increased costs of goods. Catering contracts are available during holidays and weekends too. The catering contractors handle business lunches, Civic Catering, parent or teacher events, official openings, retirement functions, prize giving days or evenings, conferences, and seminars exceptionally.