Catering Equipment: Clear Out the Old

The new year usually brings with it new resolutions and the want to declutter. You want to start the year off on a clean slate so you assess your life and make decisions based on improving your life. The same goes for businesses. This is the time of the year that businesses plan their strategy and set targets for the year. This is the also the time of year that all the old products are cleared out to make room for new and improved products.

Clear out the old, outdated and non-working catering equipment. If it is damaged and doesn’t function any more, you will need to let it go. What should you clear out?

  • Cutlery and crockery. Ask one of your staff members to check all the cutlery and crockery in your restaurant. Damaged cutlery that is bent, dull or broken should be discarded. Chipped plates, saucers and cups are a hazard because a customer could cut their hands on the chipped plates and their lips on the porcelain cups. Replace them. This is a necessary expenditure.
  • Appliances. If you had a busy holiday season and your restaurant was working overtime then you will know which appliances were not able to stand the heat. Any broken appliances should be discarded and replaced with commercial catering equipment that is built tough enough to endure the daily grind.
  • Commercial refrigerators. Check the status of the commercial refrigerators in your kitchen. Are they chilling or freezing the food optimally? If not, you may need to service them. Alternatively, if repairing it is not an option, then it may have to be replaced.
  • Chefware. If your chefs, kitchen staff, and waiters have been wearing the same chefware throughout the year, then it may be time for some new gear. After daily use for a whole year the colour of the garments will have altered and some of them may be frayed or tattered. It is a good idea to get your staff a new kit. The fresh new look will uplift the appeal of your restaurant.
  • Storage Containers. Inspect all the storage containers in your kitchen. Are any of them warped in shape? Do the lids no longer fit properly (because a staff member put it in the microwave for too long)? Are the containers badly stained? If so, it may be time to get rid of them. You need to have sanitary storage containers that can seal properly so that it can keep the contents fresh.

Make a list of the catering equipment that you need to replace this year then keep an eye out for the catering equipment sales. It’s always a good idea to grab a bargain while you can.