Catio Designs – Build Cat Enclosure Access With This in Mind

Once you have joined the many pet owners opting to build outdoor cat enclosures also coined catios for their pets; you will want to consider the different access points to your cat run. Here are a few ideas about entrance points for your catio cat enclosure plans before you go out and start buying materials.

You will want to have comfortable access to your catio to be able to add accessories, spend time with your pets as well as keep it clean. Your cats however would like nothing more than to have their own access panels if your structure is attached to your house side or window. If your porch has two doors to the back yard you can place the enclosure adjacent to my back porch. The porch has two doors to the back yard. In effect, the enclosure encompassed one of those doors so I could walk directly form the porch into the enclosure

For your own access you will probably use a screen door kit made of either wood or aluminium. Keep in mind that you will need to install galvanized chicken wire over any screen on the door, as the cats will claw through regular bug screens. Alternately if you live in an urban area regular netting will suffice.

Depending on the materials and budget available to you, your porch door can be made or wood or metal (aluminum). Wood is easier to attach the netting over the bug screen with staples. Aluminum can be more difficult to handle and is harder to attach chicken wire over your bug netting. would require some creative thinking as you MUST cover the bug screen with chicken wire.

You will need to get the door before you build your outdoor cat enclosure frame. They are usually 32 to 36 inches wide and approximately 80 inches tall and can be purchased as a kit at most hardware stores.

If your catio is designed to hang outside the house adjacent to a window you may consider including an entrance flap for your feline that will still be large enough to allow you cleaning access. Cats love to go through small doors and are naturally curious so you will need to ensure the flap attaches safely from your indoor structure to their new cat condo. For this purpose you can use a clear flexible door that attaches to a window door frame.

In short you may want to consider your catio design elements before you start to build outdoor cat enclosures to ensure your cat run is the the feline plaza they deserve.