Causes And Treatment For Allergies

Allergies are common occurrence and we mostly ignore it as a momentary irritation. But allergies can be life threatening. Children are also allergic to substances. There is no cure for allergy, however there are ways to relieve the symptoms or even prevent them from occurring.

What are allergies:

Allergies are the result of overreaction of the immune system to any substance. It is not usually harmful but in people who are allergic to a particular substance, allergy can leads to serious consequences.

You suffer from allergy when your body reacts to those substances which are usually harmless, but the immune system mistakenly believes it to be harmful. Immune system of people with allergies generates antibodies with a view to protect the body. These antibodies are known as immunoglobulin E (IgE). Due to these antibodies, cells in body release chemicals into bloodstream. One of the chemical is histamine which affects a person eyes, nose, throat, lungs and skin and leads to allergic reactions. Whenever body comes in contact with allergen these allergic reactions occurs.

What are the reasons responsible for allergies:

  • Generally, allergies are hereditary and it passes through genes. But it does not mean that if you have allergy then all of your children will have them. However, there is high probability that one of them might get it. Sometimes, few children have allergies even if no member of family has this problem.
  • Apart from it different seasons bring with different form of allergies. Allergies which occur during spring are caused on account of tree pollen and in summer due to weed pollen and grass.
  • Proteins which are found in the urine, skin and saliva of pets like cats and dogs are also the cause. When you are exposed to dander in animals then allergies occur. Dust is the major reason of allergies in people.
  • Number of allergens like dust mites are found in dust. Tiny living creatures known as dust mites are found often in your bedding, carpeting and curtains.

How can you avoid allergies:

Below are mentioned few tips to avoid allergies-

  • Take bathe before going on bed so that pollens and any other allergen hidden on your hair and skin are washed off. Keep windows and doors closed.
  • Do not go outside especially during dry and gusty days.
  • Rather than using wallpaper try to use mold-proof paint.
  • Bring the humidity of rooms up to 50% or even less than this.
  • Clean your bedding and curtains very frequently. Use the mix of water with chlorine to kill mold.
  • Keep your pets away from yourself or even if the allergy is severe then keep them outside your home.

Once you come to know about allergies, its best to keep away from the substances that cause it. There are better treatments methods available, now to treat them. If you are on medication, follow the directions carefully. Being aware will help you keep away allergies forever.