Causes Of Basement Flooding

Many homeowners face basement flooding as a common problem. Wet or damp basements are a common problem in both old and new homes. Basement flooding molds mold and mildew and ruins flooring and wall materials. Most often it happens during rainy season, but it can also occur during a dry weather.

Many people wait for the problem of basement flooding to go on its own. This attitude can prove to be very dangerous for the structural health of the home in the long run. Whenever your basement floods, it is best to deal with the problem straight away. Hiring the service of a waterproofing company offering wet basement solutions is the best way to deal with this problem. First, it is very important to understand the reasons for basement flooding. Here are a few reasons why your foundation may flood:

Location of the House – Usually houses are built on sloped terrains, which allow accumulated water to drain. If your house has been built without proper sloping or on the lower part of the estate, it will flood repeatedly.

Improper Drainage System – The problem of leakage is very common if a drain system is not installed properly. A properly installed drainage system helps in moving the water away from the basement and block the entry of the water in the building.

Sump Pump Failure – The work of a sump pump is to collect the unwanted water and discharge it away from the home. But if it is not working properly, it will not work properly and may lead to basement flooding. Some of the common reasons of a pump pump failure include, improper installation, lack of regular maintenance, power failure and clogged discharge lines.

Leakage in the Sewer Pipe – Smaller leaks in the sewer pipe can only become noticeable when the issue has become very serious. This can prove to be very dangerous.

Leakage from the Wall Cracks – This is one of the most serious issues and the cause of the crack needs to be found to avoid the building up of more cracks.

Other Reasons :

– Seepage
– Debris in the Eavestroughs
– Window Wells Leak
– Honeycomb Leakage
– Mortar Joint Leak
– Floor Cracks
– Plugged Drain Tile

The good thing about basement flooding is that it can be easily fixed through wet basement solutions. All you need to do is hire a good waterproofing company after doing proper research.