CCA Treated Lumber – Fact and Fiction

Chromated copper arsenated wood, or CCA treated wood, has caused eyebrows to raise in question from all around the country. Is this type of wood safe for my deck? Is it safe for my children to play on? The answer: yes. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has deemed that CCA treated wood poses no unreasonable threats to health or safety and does not require that decks, playground equipment, and other structures built with this type of lumber be torn down. However, when children play outside around CCA treated lumber or on any other structure they should wash their hands before eating. Also, food should not be placed directly onto CCA treated lumber to decrease unnecessary exposure to arsenic.

Should you be scared about your CCA treated lumber? No you should not but applying a deck sealant to your wood is an added precaution against the dangers arsenic poses. Although there are countless names and brands out there all claiming to be better than the next, one stain that has proven itself time and time again is the DEFY Epoxy Fortified Deck Stain. Instead of merely forming a film over the wood, which quickly loses its ability to protect the wood at all, this deck will will penetrate the wood's pores. This will help to contain the chemicals in the lumber and keep the wood looking nicer looking longer. This wood stain is indeed deep penetrating and is available in multiple colors so that you can create the look you desire for your structure.

Do not purchase film forming deck stains. Film forming deck stains are a danger because, although they provide a beautiful finish finish for a short while the stain quickly peels after exposure to the elements. This becomes very unattractive and requires the tedious stain stripping process. A penetrating wood stain will absorb into the pores of the wood and provide a deep protection for the wood. The DEFY Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain comes with ultraviolet protection to shield the wood from the sun as it protects the wood from precipitation. Sun can do major damage to your wood by quickly fading its color.

CCA treated lumber does not cause an extreme health risk. However, prevent any unnecessary exposure to arsenate, a human carcinogen, by sealing your wood with a deck stain. This deck stain will prevent excess amounts of chemicals from seeing into the soil surrounding your wood structure and will allow less to come in contact with loved ones like pets and children.