Cedar Floors: Imbedded Perpetual Styling

Once considered a wood for only furniture and exterior construction, cedar is fast becoming a choice in hardwood flooring. Cedar floors produce a deep, rosy color tone that greatly enhances any room while retaining the beauty that is apparent in the material itself. Although one of the softest hardwood flooring materials in use today, cedar floors provide the durability and stability required in a long lasting hardwood flooring material. With cedar having less density that other hardwood flooring material, the soft and subtle nature of cedar floors is clearly noticed when walking on a cedar floor which allows a slight degree of “bounce back” that is inviting and rewarding producing additional sound dampening capabilities.

Due to the soft composure of cedar, this flooring may show marks more easily than other hardwood flooring material despite any additional applications of protective coatings. These small imperfections add character to cedar adding to the already pronounced, noticeable character that is a distinctive feature of cedar. In addition, cedar may require additional refinishing compared to other hardwood flooring materials, however cedar remains one of the lowest priced hardwood flooring materials available today which off-sets any other additional refinishing that may or may not be required due to traffic patterns.

Commonly found in rural homes and particularly in log home construction, cedar adds a rustic charm while filling the air with an aromatic smell that only cedar is noted for. Available in a wide selection of finishes including un-finished, pre-finished and engineered, cedar floors offer a wide range of versatile applications for any given particular installation situation. Cedar floors are easy to work with due to their soft composition allowing for slight “tweaking” or bending, accommodating imperfections in subfloors, while maintaining rigidity and stability.

From solid, to planks and engineered forms, cedar has the capability to provide superior quality throughout personal residences or places of businesses in multiple rooms due to the low cost per square foot, providing superior flooring to meet any given installation. Whereas the majority of hardwoods flooring materials are susceptible to moisture, using solid cedar above grade in bedrooms and dining rooms, engineered cedar floors are less susceptible to moisture and an ideal flooring solution for below grade glued down installations directly over concrete in basements. Mixing cedar materials provides a home or place of business with an individual appeal to all rooms, each with its own individual character and distinctive look that is affordable and durable.

From four-inch planks and other various widths of cedar materials, installation possibilities are only limited to the imagination of the home or business owner creating a one-of-a-kind floor with designs and patterns that make cedar a unique and spectacular hardwood flooring material. Due to the flexibility of cedar, interesting borders are often created, hi-lighting tiled or other flooring materials, providing accents with increased focal attention to certain areas of any room.

Cedar floors continue to receive recognition as a viable alternative to over-priced hardwood flooring materials, with beauty and grace that abundantly radiates from cedar. With rugged durability and dependability, cedar floors continues to increase in popularity with more home and places of business choosing this low-cost, low-maintenance hardwood flooring material than in the past. Cedar floors are more than beautiful, they are elegance, grace with imbedded perpetual styling.