Cedar Homes, Log, Timber Frame, Post Beam Cedar Homes

Cedar homes, post and beam homes and timber frame homes have recently enjoyed a renaissance in popularity.

What's fueling the interest in prefabricated housing ?

Some would speculate it could be a result of the economy, a change in mortgage lending, consumer speculations, or other practical and emotional reasons.

Modern Cedar Homes Provide a Cost-Efficient , Elegant Alternative
Sometimes a real estate trend evolves to meet a specific need. Prefabricated cedar homes offer environmentally friendly house hunters high energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is also recognized as one answer to the ever increasing rise in energy prices. A new generation of beautiful, prefabricated modern cedar homes provide a cost-efficient, elegant alternative. With home values ‚Äč‚Äčtumbling and the cost of building a custom cedar home affordable, today is a very good time to build that custom home of your dreams.

Prefabricated Cedar Homes – Your Time has Come
Cost is one of the biggest factors in why prefabricated cedar homes is timely. If you've always wanted a custom designed cedar home, today's prefab log home market makes it easier and less expensive to realize your plans. These prefabricated houses prove you can combine low cost and high design – and they're selling well.

Why are Prices for Cedar Homes Timely?
With the nation's real estate woes and new home demand drying up, we're seeing a price drop in home construction materials. Real estate developers over extended themselves by investing into too much land. They are now highly motivated to sell. New home starts have declined drastically and as a result, contractors are now competing for your business. The prefab homes market is not getting directly hit by the subprime mortgage crisis.

Modern Prefab Homes Are The New Trend
Demand for these custom designed cedar homes is booming. Modern prefabricated cedar homes have become the latest chic, a must have, in housing design. Cedar homes, post and beam homes and timber frame homes are now considered mainstream. Prefabricated homes have become an alternative to the traditional brick and morter homes for many.

Architects recognize this trend and are now designing eco-friendly, prefab homes.