Ceiling by Space

Not all ceilings were created equal. Depending on the look, size and feel of the room, you'll probably want a different ceiling. Of course, unless you're doing a complete renovation, you will not necessarily have the choice of what your ceiling looks like. What you can choose is how you decorate your ceiling, and the space that you build around it.

The kitchen of a Tuscan boutique hotel:

If you live in Tuscany and are running a little hotel or B & B there are a number of ways you can set up your kitchen and eating rooms. With the summers getting as hot as they do, you might choose to keep the room cool with terracotta tiled floors, stucco walls, an arched ceiling and large, open French doors to let in a nice breeze. With so much white, it might be nice to hang bunches of dried grapes or berries from the ceiling, the addition of bright oranges, greens or reds will do wonders for the room.

A yoga studio in central London:

People go to yoga to stretch and relax. They want to escape their busy, stressful lives for an hour or two and realign their charkas. They want to remind themselves to be calm through practice, to be peaceful through focus, and to be patient by accepting their bodies for what they can do that day. Yoga studios should be big, open and clean. Cathedral ceilings, exposed piping and big windows that give out onto the hectic street attendants just left, offer the perfect space in which an urban dweller can open up and breath out their aches.

The converted barn:

Those investing in a home in the countryside, should not overlook the fabulous and unused barns in the region. Barns can be converted into some of the most gorgeous homes you've ever seen. They have the height, the big doorways, the slanted rooftops and the beamed ceilings. When extensions are put on they can send the monstrous barn off into a series of hidden nooks and crannies. The levels in barns are sensational, with the main component being extremely tall and having a short shelf on the top, where an attic style den or work area could be built. It would be worth continuing with that theme and playing with highs and lows in other areas of the house.

If you happen to find yourself in a space with ceilings you do not love, but you do not have the means to do much about it at the moment, you might opt ​​for a stretch ceiling. Stretch ceilings can be set up as temporary or permanent structures and are the perfect solution for covering up any bits and pieces of a room you do not like. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They are also good for weddings and other major events.