Ceiling Clothes Airers – 5 Benefits of Using a Ceiling Airer in Your Home

It has been discovered that the electric drier uses more electricity than any other household appliance. For this reason innovative designs have adapted the traditional clothes airer into a modern product that can fit into any home. Ceiling clothes airers are the latest way to dry clothes indoors.

As the name suggests the ceiling clothes airer is mounted on… you guessed it, the ceiling. This appliance is barely noticeable because it tucks up neatly out of the way until wash days. Then simply pull the drying rods down when needed.

A good quality ceiling clothes airer will have individually adjustable rods made from strong, hard-wearing steel.

Once the washing has dried naturally and gently and been put away, swing the rods back up, and they stay neatly out of the way, until needed again.

Ceiling clothes airers are great for disabled users because they can be easily lowered or raised to suit the height of the user, and are quick and easy to use. Some companies will install them for you.

If you mount the ceiling clothes airer near a wall, at the side of the room, you can keep it out of your main living space but still leave enough room to dry your clothes.

The attractive design looks a lot better in the home than the old fashioned zig zag clothes airer that people dragged out of their cupboards and which became bent and wobbly in no time. These smooth, slick ceiling clothes airers will blend with modern homes and will not bend or break. This is why it is important to get a good quality product, there are many around and are well worth the extra investment because they will last a lot longer than the cheaper versions.

As well as stopping unnecessary electricity use, there are other benefits to a ceiling clothes airer. Drying clothes inside saves them from fading in the sun, or the tumble dryer, or shrinking in the wrong setting of the drying machine. Clothes will be practically crease free from hanging to dry.

And it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing – clothes can dry naturally indoors any day. For this reason, it is good to own a ceiling clothes airer even if you have an outdoor clothesline.

Plus saving electricity for the planet means huge savings on the electricity bill for you.