Ceiling Fan Light Kit – An Ideal Lighting

If you have a ceiling fan but no lighting attached to it, you are missing an ideal lighting option for your home. You can buy a ceiling fan light kit if your fan did not come with a lighting option that will customize your fan to look fantastic in any room of your home.

You can browse the sites of the major lighting and ceiling fan manufacturers and look for bargains and deals you can not find in stores. You can search for a special on ceiling fan light kit if you do some comparison shopping. There are many places for you to find a ceiling fan light kit that you will not have to pay retail for. You can find deals on ceiling fan light kit that will amaze you and leave room in your budget for even more home improvements.

It is fairly easy to install a ceiling fan light kit. Even for those who do not consider themselves handy, installing a ceiling fan light kit can be simple and easy. All ceiling fan light kit comes with complete instructions including electrical information in order for you to install your ceiling fan light kit with the least amount of trouble and time.

If you have bought a ceiling fan light kit that you have to wire yourself you should begin by removing the switch housing cover plate from the fan. You will then need to remove the plug that is in the center of the cover plate.

Begin to feed the ceiling fan light kit wires that are black and white through the holes you find in the coverplate. Then attach the plate tightly to the ceiling fan light kit to ensure that it does not vibrate and come loose.

You will need to find the two wires that are in the switch housing that is labeled "for light". These wires will be white and blue. Then connect them to the ceiling fan light kit wires with wire nuts, matching the corresponding colored wires together. You can use some electrical tape to ensure the wire nuts do not come loose from vibration during use.

Finally, push the wires back carefully into the switch housing. You will then attach the ceiling fan light kit to the switch housing with the screws you were provided with.