Ceiling Fans Are So Necessary

Homes without ceiling fans can lack character. There is so much of a family's personality that comes with the different styles chosen. Whereas before, you had only a couple of brands to choose from, what is offered today can feel endless. Indoors or outdoors, a well chosen, properly mounted ceiling fan can bundle lighting and energy savings into one.

The first thing you will want to do is measure the rooms in which you'll place your ceiling fans. The smallest room will take a small fan blade size of about 36 inches. Your largest room may take one that is 52 inches in blade size or it may also need two fans. Your local hardware and home improvement stores are more than happy to show you variety in styles or brands such as Harbor Breeze or Monte Carlo. Bring your room measurements to insure you get the correct size. Most fans come with reversible blades. If the one you are looking at does not offer this, you may want to look for a similar style that does. What the blades of the fan are constructed of is important as well. The wooden blades that look lovely in your living room, may not hold up so well in a damper environment such as your bathroom. Do not forget to ask any mounting questions. Installation is based on whether your fan is a flush mount version or not and if your bedroom room has an existing overhead light fixture, you're halfway there.

Once you get home and read the instructions on installation, take stock of the tools you already have at home. There is usually no need to purchase anything special. If you do not have one, an electric current tester is recommended. It is a good idea to highlight or circle the customer service number in the manual before you get started, in case you have questions during the installation.

Maintenance is key, so keep your fan dust free. If you find that your ceiling fans are wobbly, you usually need to check the support brackets. If those feel loose, make sure you tighten the bolts. If the fan is not flush mounted, the drop rod from which it hangs can also be a source of extra movement. Check and tighten this as well. If the blades are warped or broken, call the manufacturer's customer service for assistance. Follow these steps and after you have chosen and installed your ceiling fan, you should be able to enjoy years of enjoyment.