Ceiling Fans – Common Defects

Ceiling fans, like other home decor items need to be maintained and taken care or they can cause a lot of issues and actually imbalance your peace of mind due to lack of comfort. So, do not take this lightly as any issues with fans need to be tackled promptly.

Following are the common issues stumbled upon

  1. Quivering – Here the cause is use of a faulty attachment of blades to the rotor due to which the overall balance of the fan is lost resulting in imbalanced movement of the ceiling fan. You need to remove it from the box attachment and clamp the fan blades to the rotor.
  2. Fan speed control – The fan speed is controlled by a regulator. Now a days we have semiconductor operated regulator switches. Their performance is incomparable to that of the mechanical ones used in the past. As a result, we get very fast fan urges and not controllable. You need to change the regulator in such cases.
  3. Starting problem – This is associated with the motor quality. Using cheap fans without any guarantee on rotor windings and durability can cause the starting problems. The fans run on the Weber principle with stator and rotor parts. A slight fault and the magnetic field creation would have affected with the magnetic pole formation not taking place as required. A new rotor is required to fix this problem or change the windings. This issue can be caused by electric fluctuations as well.
  4. Corrosion of Blades – This is typically true for people staying in coastal areas where due to moisture and sea water the corrosion of blades takes place faster. This can cause the erosion of the blades resulting in poor blade angle and air circulation

These are some of the common issues that are found in case of ceiling fans and probable causes for the same have been outlined.