Ceiling Panels

These panels are used in the interior of buildings and are not for domestic use. They are lightweight and are designed for use in commercial properties. Most offices built today have metal frames built into the ceilings, these are in fact the base for the panels, the panels are placed upon these steel grids. There are different types of tiles available and depending on the type that you choose they may provide advantages like:

  • Sound Absorption
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Improved Air Quality Indoors
  • Better Fire Protection

Ceiling Panels are also referred 2 as Ceiling Tiles and Drop-Ceiling Tiles. Another advantage they offer is very easy access to plumbing and wiring that is located above the panels, it allows them to be replaced or upgraded when needed with ease. To do this you will need a ladder, once in reach of the panels all you do is simply push the panel up and slide it out, this can be done without mess and can be put back in an instant.

Ceiling Panels are fabricated from plastic, wood, perlite, aluminium, mineral wool, fibres from recycled paper and tin. Most examples of these tiles will have patterns of holes in them; this increases their properties for sound absorption. Panels are not only manufactured in that manner, a lot of them have a moulded surface that gives them, a sculpted look or provides a texture.

If you are replacing your old Ceiling Panels remember that most types can be recycled by landfills and those that can’t can usually be recycled by the manufacturer.