Ceiling Speakers Installation

Step 1:

The precondition: Before you can install the speakers according to this instruction make sure that your room is pre- wired and the speaker wires are already run to the places where the new speakers will be. That is not a problem in new houses as they are usually pre- wired for 5.1 systems, but if you are living in an older house than the wiring can be done with some minor constructions. It would be safer to call a professional to do it if you are not completely sure about your skills.

Step 2:

Necessary equipment:

– A knife able to cut the drywall

– Something to write with (do not use a pen as you cannot write with it upside down, rather use a simple pen)

– A ladder to climb up to you ceiling (make sure it is a proper one and can hold your weight without problems)

– An electrical screwdriver with an extended head bit (shortest 4″)

– Something to clean the fingerprints once you are done with the installation

– Something to cover the floor with

Step 3:

By now you should have everything close to you that you might need during the whole installation project, the last thing is to take the speakers out of their box. In the speaker’s box there should be cardboard template that is the size of the hole that you have to make to the ceiling. Use this template to plan the places where you want to install your speakers. If the wiring in your home has already been done than there is not much that you can change and have to use the places that are suitable with current wiring.

Step 4:

Place the cloth to protect your floor on the ground and secure the latter under the future speaker location. Find the studs in you ceiling and once you have located them use the template from the speakers’ box and place it between the two studs where the speaker will be in the future and mark the size of the hole with the help of the template and a pencil.

Step 5:

The dirty part. Cut the hole out with your drywall knife. As there will be a lot of dust from cutting the ceiling as well as insulation flying all over the place make sure that you have covered up all the furniture that you do not want to get messed up and if you have allergies make sure not to breathe the dust in.

Step 6:

Clear enough space in the attic to place where to place the speaker. Connect the + and – terminals with your speaker’s wires (most commonly red is used to mark + and black for -). Do not squeeze the wire and then calmly push the speaker in the designated location. Depending how well you drew the boarders of the template as well as well you cut it out you speaker should either sit too loosely or be a extremely tightly in the hole or if you did a good job then fit perfectly. Then use your screwdriver and tighten the speaker’s screws to attach its clamps to the ceiling’s drywall. Make sure you have read the manual of the speakers beforehand as each model has an unique way to do this. Do not tighten the screws too much as that might break the drywall. If your speakers have a grill cover than now you can put it on the speakers.

Step 7:

For installing other speakers just follow steps 1-6. If you have installed all the speakers in the ceiling use a receiver or the battery trick to make sure that all the connections work like they have to. If you do not know what a battery trick is than that means that you take a AA or AAA battery and touch the leads of the speaking wire with it. If you have done a good job in connecting the wires than the speaker should response with a “pop” sound to this as the battery sends some current into the wire. If you think that you just have a problem with one wire than you can use this trick to find the problematic location.

If you have followed all the steps and made sure that it is working than you are done with installing your new speakers in the ceiling. Just clean up all the mess first and then start enjoying the benefits of an excellent sound system.