Ceiling Water Damage Repair Advice – You Don’t Want to Miss This

Fixing up ceiling water damage is far more complicated and time consuming than repairing the damage that can be caused to walls or flooring, this is not just because of the awkwardness of having to work above your head but also because of the load that a ceiling has. When it comes to carrying out repairs you would use similar materials and equipment as when fixing other damaged areas of the building.

To locate the source of flooding is not always easy. Remember that if water is entering your building’s ceilings and walls there can be the risk of electrocution, approach the task with care and if need be switch off the mains electricity.

It is unlikely that the water has come from the room directly above the damaged ceiling. You may need to remove floorboards in the room above to check for a burst pipe or at least to have an understanding of where the source of the problem may lie. If you are at a loss when searching for the cause of the water damage you should consider the upstairs bathroom as well as the property’s actual roof. Only once the cause of the flooding has been found and stopped should you attempt repairs.

It can be difficult to remove the water and moisture from an affected ceiling. If the liquid is dripping down into the room below you will need to protect any furnishings and other items that are in that room. You may need to actually put a hole through the waterlogged ceiling to allow the water drain off.

Before repairing the problem area you will need to assess the amount of damage that there is. If the problem is large there is every chance you will need a completely new ceiling, for this you would need to hire the services of a professional repair company. If the wet area is not too extensive you can try to remedy the situation alone.

You will have to ensure that all the moisture has been removed from the ceiling before repairing the damaged material as otherwise moisture can become trapped inside which over time will lead to dampness. For a number of days you will need to air off the room by leaving windows open during the day and switching the heating to high at night. Fixing ceiling water damage can be a long and tiresome task but one that needs to be carried out with the greatest care and attention to detail.