Cell Phone Review – The AT&T Tilt

The AT&T Tilt phone is an awesome cell phone for a small business person or executive. Even soccer Moms love it. Why you ask? Well, because the AT&T Tilt phone allows you to synchronize with your Outlook or other contact manager program. Meaning whenever someone calls that matches any of the phone numbers in your data base, their name appears on the screen. You can also go to your data base and call any number there, by highlighting and pressing send.

The AT&T Tilt phone also has multiple ring tones so that you know by the tone who is calling, the phone also has just about every feature that all the other top phones have too. The cost is around $400 which makes it an excellent value, and since the phone can use Windows CE, you are able to send and receive emails too. The Tilt has a key board and if your fingers are too big there is a nifty little pick for the touch screen and also for the key pad.

The phone also helps you as you type to allow you to complete words that are most probable as you go. The battery does not last as long as I had hoped for, but that is about the only drawback I can think of. The battery is sufficient, however, you will find that the phone is so versatile and that you use it so much, the battery seems to not last long. It does, but it sometimes does not seem like it. The feature I love best is the GPS like navigation, as the telephone tells you where you are, anytime you need to know and it connects to the internet to use Google Maps too. I like the AT&T Tilt and I think you will too.