Cell Phone Wallpapers – Do it Yourself

How do you get unique cell phone wallpapers? A little bird told me there were two methods, one is to use the original maps reserved in your cell phone database and be content with all that came with the phone; second is to download wallpapers from the internet. Now I shall introduce an interesting and new way, that’s called “DIY” which means you make cell phone wallpapers by yourself.

Firstly you need to find a great high resolution picture, and then you can use graphical art software to edit the picture. I recommend using the normal graphics software – “Photoshop”. It’s helpful and easy to use. For example, we could select a beautiful digital landscape photograph. Next upload it from your PC, you know, from the location it has been saved as a data file in the hard disk of your desktop. Open this image file in Photoshop to modify it, we now need to edit it to make it perfect according to our own imagination with many graphical designs and styles, sometimes we also use computer-aided design to develop new artistic wallpapers. Make as many changes as you feel like to the photo, more the number of changes, the more splendid the end image will appear. The last procedure is to just upload the modified photo to your cell phone. Now you have the colorful cell phone wallpaper showcasing your own unique design.

How easy it is! But you need to master the graphic arts software; the graphic software is our basic tool for redesigning. To be honest, I am fond of wallpapers, it’s amusing. When you are skilled using these tools, you should start getting creative and start working on a lot of amazing pictures and enjoy the DIY process. Tony, a 12 years old boy, has established special wallpaper’s website which offer thousands of pictures for viewers to download. Last week, he showed me his latest cell phone wallpaper to me, it’s a highlighted portrait of his sister, and it looks like a photographic plate, very strange but smart, with a little carved sense. I did like it and asked him how he created it. He replied “Nothing, just a fault! Actually I failed to finish a key operation of Photoshop.”