Cement Board Siding

After extensive research and development, this product was introduced about 10 years ago. Since it offers the aesthetic quality of wood siding, with less maintenance, it has soared in popularity.

It’s not prone to insect damage or rot. You can find it pre-finished, or ready for stain or paint. Once finished, it will last a VERY long time without requiring any maintenance. The 3 major manufacturers are CertainTeed, James Hardie, and Cemplank. Some of the product line is made from recyclable materials, so it’s “green” as well as good looking.

Cement board siding emulates natural wood grain and is virtually indistinguishable from some wood siding products. As with other siding, trim and millwork pieces are available to provide design detail for your home. Any look of competing products can be obtained. It is available in beveled siding, shingles or shakes, and as stucco panels.

It can be cut just like wood siding. The biggest negative to this product is that the occasional nail will “ride out” with seasonal changes and you might have to go around hammering those nails back into place. This probably won’t occur every year, but chances are good that you will have to look at the nails every couple of years.

This is not your bargain basement product. But it’s comparable to its wood counterparts, depending on style and material. If you buy from a substantial manufacturer, you will get a warranty of between 25 and 50 years. With its benefits of look and functionality, cement board siding represents the cutting edge of today’s siding innovation.