Ceramic Flat Iron Reviews

Home users love them, professionals recommend them and hair salons always use them. Ceramic flat irons are certainly the most popular in the beauty industry, but exactly what makes them so highly demanded? Could it be its consistent heating, its gentle straightening or maybe its fast performance? It's actually all of these things and many more, but you will not fully appreciate the benefits of ceramic until you learn what all of them are and what they have to offer.

Ceramic's main advantage is its consistent heating which equally distributes the heat around the plates for even straightened hair that will be achieved much faster. The heat that ceramic uses is not your typical dry heat but far infrared heat instead, which is gentle and moisturizing for healthy looking hair. It also uses an ionic component which smoothes, seals and protects the hair by speeding up heating time to reduce excess exposure while also neutralizing frizz and relaxing the hair. This promises an easier straightening experience and a style that will last a lot longer.

Although ceramic is fast, safe and versatile, many people need something a bit more powerful for thick and frizzy hair or they're looking for something gentler for fragile and color dyed locks. Ceramic can certainly take care of these particular hair types on its own but you can always enhance ceramic's natural component with the help of other ingredients such as titanium or tourmaline. Many professional flat irons use these combinations for incredibly efficient straightening experiences and much happier customers. Titanium is ideal for women who live on the fast track and need their hair straightened and styled in the least time possible. Its amazingly quick heating up time makes it perfect for thick, coarse and curly haired women who require higher heats for better results. On the other hand, tourmaline is a dream come true for fragile and frizzy hair types who need less overall heat but still expect professional results. Tourmaline is extra ionic, meaning that your hair will be much silkier, smoother and healthier while also retaining its style for longer.

This last combination of ceramic and tourmaline is the most popular on the market today, and many flat irons like Karmin use it for superior heating and safer styling. The difference with Karmin is that this brand uses genuine ceramic and tourmaline plates instead of coated ones which are more commonly found. Genuine plates promise an unbeatable fast experience that will take care of your hair and bring out its natural beauty. So if you want the best of ceramic, look for the Karmin G3 to enjoy all of its benefits and much more.