Ceramic Flat Irons – Create a Professional Hairstyle From Home

Professional salons have been using ceramic flat irons for some time now to create beautiful hairstyles for their customers. It is just as easy for you to create a professional look right in your own home and enjoy several different hairstyles every day. Here are a few tips on how to create the looks that are just your own using a ceramic flat iron.

The size of the straightening iron does make a difference. Long or thick hair benefits best from using a 1 ½-inch, 1 ¾-inch, or a 2-inch flat iron surface. Short and medium length hairstyles and fine hair will style easily with a ¾-inch or a 1 ¼-inch ceramic flat iron.

The proper heat setting is also important. You'll use higher heat settings for hair that is coarse, thick, ethnic, curly, or typically unruly. For fine, damaged, or bleached hair, a low heat setting will get the best results without damaging the hair.

For optimal results, shampoo, condition and completely dry your hair before using a ceramic flat iron for styling. If hair is wet, the heat from the flat iron has the potential to cause damage to the hair shaft, or literally fry the hair in areas the heat rests too long. Even though ceramic flat irons distribute heat more evenly than a curling iron, it's important to always keep the ceramic flat iron moving over the hair at a consistent pace.

Blow-drying your hair using a round brush to begin the straightening process produces the best results when hair is then smoothed and styled with a ceramic flat iron. Flat irons are amazingly quick and are ideal for creating your desired style in just minutes, as opposed to using other methods.

First, separate your hair into small sections and put the outer layers up on top of your head to keep them out of the way. Beginning with the bottom layers, use the ceramic flat iron to straighten sections at a time. Gradually let more hair down as you go, and you'll quickly have the look you want. It's not necessary to pass the straightening iron over your hair more tan once or twice to get the desired effect. Potential hair damage is lessened with this technique as well.

To create what is called a sleek flip style, straighten your hair first using the ceramic flat iron and then take the ends of your hair and flip them in toward your face, or out toward your shoulders and back to create a stylish look that compliments just about anyone. The casual look is simple and easy to achieve using a straightening iron, but gives you dramatic results. Straighten your hair as outlined above first. Then, pull your hair into a ponytail, leaving a bit around your face. Using the flat iron, style the hair toward your face.

A straightening iron is essential in every woman's beauty kit. These flat irons heat up quickly, usually in less than a minute, and are ideal for creating poker straight hairstyles. What woman can not use more time in her day? Ceramic flat irons give women the ability to look fantastic going out the door without having to spend much time getting that professional look.