Ceramic Hair Iron Vs Tourmaline Flat Iron

There are not many differences between the ceramic hair iron and the tourmaline flat iron, as they almost do the same job. But some of the noticeable ones are:

Negative ions

Tourmaline flat irons produce great number of negative ions, which strengthens the hair for long, and also gives a silkier and shinier look. Whereas, the ceramic hair iron does not give as many negative ions as tourmaline flat irons, this is necessary to keep your hair healthy and silky.


Though top brands which manufacture hair straighteners have both ceramic hair iron and the tourmaline flat irons, the variety is very limited. The choices are more when it comes to ceramic hair iron when compared to tourmaline flat irons.


As everybody recommends hair straighteners which have ceramic plates, they are always available. This is not the case with tourmaline flat irons.

Prevents heat damage

The hair straighteners which have ceramic plates, prevents your hair from the damage which is caused due to heat. Tourmaline flat irons does this job well, as it produces more negative ions, to give you to smooth, shiny and silky hair, that you always wanted to have.


The tourmaline flat irons are infused with ceramic heater and plates, to give you better results. But ceramic hair irons, are not infused with tourmaline plates or the heater.


Tourmaline flat irons are relatively cheaper to the ceramic hair irons.


Tourmaline flat irons are said to take just 25 seconds to straighten your hair, whereas the ceramic hair irons takes slightly longer time.

Though tourmaline flat irons gives you better results than the ceramic hair irons, people prefer the ceramic hair irons the most. The cheapest at the same time top rated tourmaline flat iron is the Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron. All top brands like Sedu, Chi, T3, GHD all manufacture both tourmaline and ceramic flat irons, where ceramic flat irons occupies the major portion.