Chakra Meditation And Its Benefits

How can chakra meditation benefit you? Read on to find out.

1. Stablize Your Mood:

Research has shown that meditation activates the left pre-frontal cortex, an area of the brain associated with positive feelings such as calmness, inner peace, and happiness. Repeated activation of the left pre-frontal cortex has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation has also been identified as a successful treatment method for depression.

2. Lower Your Blood Pressure:

Meditation has been shown to help patients afflicted with high blood pressure. In fact, meditating or sitting alone in a quiet room for just thirty minutes each day enables patients being treated for hypertension to reduce their dosage of medication. Meditation can also help a person improve his or her heart health and lower cholesterol. Improved blood circulation is also a reported effect of meditation.

3. Health:

Research has shown that people who meditate are significantly healthier than those who don’t. In general, they are less susceptible to the common cold and flu, and make fewer trips to the doctor each year.

4. Chronic Pain:

Meditation has been shown to be very effective in helping with pain management. Research has shown that the pain-relieving effects of meditation are greater than morphine. Through one hour of meditation per day, the experience of pain was reduced by 50% in patients.

5. Insomnia:

Meditation can enable those who suffer from sleep-deprivation, or insomnia, to get the rest they deserve. Following meditation training and practice, 75% of insomniacs found some sort of improvement in their ability to obtain sleep.

6. Improves Concentration & Memory:

You can change your brain through meditation! Those who meditate report improvements in memory, concentration, and focus. Those who meditate over long periods of time – have actually been found to have brains with larger hippocampi and increased grey matter – two parts of the brain that enable memory.

7. Aging:

Meditation has been shown time and again to slow down the aging process, with those who meditate appearing to look much younger than their actual age.

8. Getting Rid of Addictions:

Meditation has been shown as an effective treatment for addictions and detrimental habits. Meditation can be used in conjunction with yoga and breathing exercises to be even more effective.

Meditation works by awakening and opening the chakras, a process that can help you battle even the most devastating illness. Although yoga can also be used to open the chakras and achieve the same healing result, meditation is the preferred technique. The physiological and mental health benefits associated with meditation can be gained through conscious awareness of the chakras. It’s more than just sitting down and maintaining a certain composure or position; people who meditate for health need to focus on the seven chakras while remembering that each chakra has its own benefits to the body. For instance, there is a chakra that deals with the stomach, another with the heart, another with the mind, and so on.

Some vow that happiness can be achieved through meditation. Meditation might be considered the most practical and successful of all self healing techniques.