Chandelier Lamp Shades

There are robust-looking chandeliers in wrought iron, crystal chandeliers that are simply drop-dead gorgeous, and candle chandeliers that ooze romance. And lampshade chandeliers are dainty, pretty things. The chandelier frame is a pretty massive, with lampshades that are attached to the top. So it is obvious that this type of chandelier is meant for a large room.

The advantage of a lampshade chandelier is that a dazzling array of moods and designs may be created just by changing the shades. There is no need to dismantle the entire chandelier frame and revamp it. Also, a lampshade chandelier can be readily assembled at home.

In case of such chandeliers, the frame is usually a simple one, mostly made of wood or iron, since it is of no use to have an ornate frame that is going to be hidden by the overhanging shades. It is the type of lampshade being used that determines the look of the chandelier. The shade can be in the shape of the regular cone, a bell or circular like the Chinese-styled lampshades; it can be made of virtually anything ranging from handmade paper, silk, beads or a simple printed fabric. The lampshade may be in some sort of color, so that instead of a clear light you can have a light that diffuses a tinted glow. This can be your choice if you want mood lighting rather than incandescence.

The lampshade can be made to match the furnishings of the room so that in addition to a chandelier that is attuned to the mood of the room, you also have one that is color coordinated with the rest of the room. In fact, this is the only type of chandelier where you can coordinate so easily. When it comes to versatility, the lampshade chandelier is much more successful than other types of chandeliers.