Chandelier Lighting- What To Look For

Chandeliers are light fixtures that are mounted on the ceiling and tend to have multiple lights as opposed to the hanging pendant lights which although also suspended from the ceiling, tend to be a single light source.

While choosing a chandelier there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. If you plan to install a chandelier in your dining room, then remember that you probably need to choose one that is half the diameter of your table. Ideally the chandelier should be placed centrally over the table and have switches so that you can change the lighting of the dining room as per your needs.

In case you wish to put a chandelier in the entry hall, foyer, or in a room that does not have a tabletop, the ideal method is to follow the dimensions of the room. One easy and effective way of doing this is to add the length and the width of the room and then change this figure to inches. This will give you the best possible chandelier-width for your room. The lowest the chandelier can hang
should not exceed 7 feet from the floor, to allow maximum headspace.

A chandelier does not need a large number of light fixtures because it acts more as a decorative feature than as a proper light source. Allow the room to be lit up by lights other than the chandelier alone. A problem that you might face with chandeliers is that of glare. To avoid this, buy fixtures with in-built mini-shades, or fix these tiny shades to the light fixtures.

Remember to keep the overall design of the room in mind while buying a chandelier. It should blend in with the room's look. A good idea is to go for classic designs as these rarely become passé and are easy to add to. These fixtures have a knack of attracting dust so ensure that the design you buy allows
you to clean it properly. If your chandelier is a crystal one then using chandelier cleaners will convert your tedious task to a relatively easy one.

While crystal chandeliers are perhaps most popular, there are a number of other styles available on the market and in colors such as black which look quite stylish and spectacular. Metal chandeliers look stately and have a stylistic simplicity about them that can often be attractive. Other designs of chandeliers include mission chandeliers, antler chandeliers and Murano glass chandeliers.