Chandelier Parts

It happens in the life of any good  chandelier : something breaks. Or, maybe the part just “disappears.” Perhaps you just want to do a little subtle redecorating. Regardless, you need not replace the entire  chandelier ; instead, you can make use of the vast supply of  chandeliers ‘ parts, which are sold on both the web and in physical stores.


Beads are often sold in packs of ten. Depending on which material you are looking for, you can expect to pay a range of prices based on whether the beads are made of crystal or something of lesser value. Unfortunately, unless you are going to replace all of the beads, you will probably be forced to buy something from the original manufacturer, because you may not be able to find beads that match your  chandelier  otherwise.


If you want to expand the reach of your  chandeliers , then you can buy some extra chain links that match the original chain. Of course, you might as well replace the whole thing, since your options are to buy individuals links (great when a single piece breaks) or an entire long chain.

Light Bulbs

Here you will have to check the burned out bulb in order to know what you will need to replace it.  Chandelier  bulbs are not built like normal bulbs, as you can plainly see if you examine one. Nevertheless, they are relatively cheap and abundant in supply. You will save money by buying packs of multiple bulbs instead of a single one; this is wise, because at some time in the future, you will need to use those backup bulbs as well.


Shades for  chandeliers  are one of the best products you can use to show your own customized design ability. Since they come in many different colors, you can get quite creative. It is best to make a complete change of all the shades at once when going this route. Even if you are just replacing one, it will probably not look the same because it will look new, while the others will look faded.

The web is, in my opinion, the perfect place to find parts for  chandeliers . They are abundant and easy to find. Pretty much whatever part you can dream up is out there somewhere, being sold by someone – and probably at a reasonable price at that.