Chandelier Shades For You

When you walk into a room, the first things your mind notices, consciously or subconsciously, is the lighting. Lighting affects mood, conversation, and hunger. To create the right effect, your light fixture needs the perfect shade. Chandelier shades are an excellent way to accessorize, polish interior design, and create the atmosphere you're looking for.

Chandelier lampshades are made from a variety of materials. Metal, glass, parchment, silk, linen, beads, and much more. Each material has its own character. Metal and parchment tend to feel more contemporary. Silk and linen are more classic, yet versatile. Beads, feathers, and glass are unique; each design will tell its own tale. Also consider color; shades come in an array of colors that will alter your lighting entirely. Be sure to test the light in the store, so you know what it will look like lit at home. Chandelier shades also comes in a range of sizes fit to your fixture.

Two technical things to remember when you shop for chandelier shades are these: What is the wattage this shade can accommodate, and will this shade attach to my light fixture? Some fixtures are built to fit only certain shade designs. It would be such a shame to come home with a great lampshade find only to discover that it will not fit your fixture!

So, whether it is your child's bedroom, your home office, living room, or dining room: with a little thought and proper searching, you'll create the perfect atmosphere with the perfect shades.