Chandeliers As a Symbol of Status and Wealth

Fundamental to our experience as human beings is the desire to control our surroundings.

We desire to do this for many reasons. The paramount one is our survival. Next on this list is the adoration of other people. We admire the goal achievers in our society and wish we could control our world as they do. Not surprisingly we have created many items that symbolize our mastery of our world.

The main one is wealth itself. After that comes all the symbols of wealth. It seems that virtually anything expensive and/or hard to get can be made to show the world how capable one is. Boats. Cars. Jewelry. Clothing items. Houses.

And this brings us to one that has served as a symbol of wealth and status for centuries now… the chandelier.

It seems that from it’s birth it was meant to play a role in distinguishing between the rich and the poor. Centuries ago the materials involved in night-time lighting were expensive enough to alienate all but the rich in society. As a result chandelier lighting became the providence of the wealthy and this association has stuck in peoples heads for centuries.

Chandeliers adorn the halls of Buckingham Palace, the White House, and Celebrity Mansions. And though our main impression of those who have chandeliers is that they are wealthy, modern manufacturing technology has made it possible for anyone to get a chandelier.

In fact you have now have one…as well as the status it bestows for a very reasonable price. You can even get one to go with almost any kind of decor or style. Traditional, Modern, Williamsburg, Art Deco, and Crystal are just some of the many options available.

You can have a glass chandelier, a black chandelier, a bronze chandelier or the very popular oil rubbed bronze chandelier. It is possible for you to get a Schonbek Chandelier. (Schonbek is the maker of some of the finest chandeliers in history including many that adorn the White House and Buckingham Palace.)Chandeliers have even adapted to those who prefer more of an informal “outdoorsy” kind of style, the Rustic Chandelier.

So even if you aren’t exactly among the super-rich you can now have some of the symbols of their wealth. You can enjoy the same beauty reserved in the past for the privileged elite. And you can do so without spending a fortune.