Chandeliers – How to Install

With modern day chandeliers very much budget friendly for every home, the only thing that can bother a potential chandelier buyer is installation. In this article, we would find out that installing chandeliers is not a complicated issue at all though it is highly recommended that this be done by an expert only.

For installing the chandelier, you would be needing a step ladder, an expandable bracket, the chandelier (of course), metal outlet box, wire nuts, small wood strip, small bracket with holes, and a circuit tester. In addition to that, you will be requiring a drywall saw, power drill, flathead screwdriver, putty knife, wire strippers, pliers, adjustable wrench, drill bits, carpenter's pencil, and a Phillips screwdriver.

Now you will be required to select an outlet box used for ceiling fans and turning off the main power switch of your home. Do this in the daytime else you will need some candles. Thereafter, draw a circle using the carpenter's pencil to ascertain the location for installing the chandeliers.

Then cut the circle with a drywall saw and install an electrical box by making use of expandable bracket and the other bracket. Now connect the wires. The last step is all about adjusting the level at which the chandeliers are expected to hang.

One thing that you need to remember after installation of the chandeliers is that while performing any maintenance activity, you are expected to switch off the main power switch. That was all you needed to install the beautiful chandeliers at your home.