Change Moods at the Reception Without a Pill

Did you know you have the power to lighten the mood and attitudes of the guests at your wedding reception? Would you believe it's as simple as just adding a little color? Surprisingly, it's a scientific fact that certain colors can change the way people feel and act. Now how does one go about changing the colors of a traditional reception hall without paying a fortune to repaint the facilities? Well believe it or not it's actually really easy. It can be done through the power of lighting.

That's right, proper light done with the right colors and right intensities can really change the tone of the room. For example: the color red is hot and exciting while the color magenta is warm and romantic. The color blue is cool and somber while the color pink is active and flashy. Often time the more formatted the color the more pronounced the effect. So if the colors are more pastel the more delicate and subdued the effect.

To color the room with enough light, you'll want to make sure you have enough lighting fixtures to cover the entire circumference of the room. Rather than purchasing these expensive fixtures you can often times rent them from your local production company or maybe even a local entertainment.

The new trend in wedding reception lighting is known as LED up-lighting. LED up-lighting is a low power consumption and low heat producing light that uses the primary colors (Red, Green, and Blue) to create a dramatic lighting effect. These lights are often placed next to a wall or corner and pointed up towards the ceiling. Along with changing the colors of the lights you're even given control of the intensities of the lights for a more dramatic or less dramatic effect.

You'll want to think of your reception hall as a white canvas that you're about to paint a picture onto. Choose colors that match the existing decor and be sure to cover the room with enough light. Try to stay away from the color green if you can. Often times the color green is looked upon as being less flattering. Try to choose colors that compliment skin tones. Colors like magenta and rose are often very effective and very elegant. As the night progresses you may also want to consider changing the colors to create some excitement and mood changes. Often times slight variations in the same color are very effective.

Remember though, it's you're wedding reception and you'll want to have full control. Opt for a lighting designer that knows your exact desires and opportunities you want for the event. Often time the right designer can help coach you in the appropriate colors and fills that are necessary to create that exact mood you want.