Chaos Khorne Berserker Assembly

The Chaos Possessed Model is already been assembled. Its time to assemble another type of model, the Warhammer 40k Chaos Khorne Berserkers. The model may be different from the chaos possessed model including the parts but the assembly maybe the same. So its not confusing anymore if you have already assembled a Chaos Possessed Model. There might be some difference but will not affect on the assembling of the model.

Time to put together some Warhammer 40k Khorne Berserkers. Let’s get started

Materials list:


plastic glue


Step 1 Read through instructions/codex

Just like in everything we are going to do, we should always start by reading and understanding the whole idea of what we are doing. For in reading, we easily know what we are the materials we are going to use and the most efficient and easy we are going to finished the job.

So in assembling your Khorne Berserker’s you must read the whole context, instructions, and the codex to make sure that you are only going to use the right weapons for your Khorne Berserkers. That is the best you must do before assembling the parts so that you will taking them apart later if you do not like or you have mistaken attach a single part on the other parts.

Step 2 Glue legs

After you have read and understand the instructions or codex. Its time to gather all the parts and materials we are going to use. So that we can now start the assembling of the Chaos Khorne Berserkers

the first thing to do is glue the legs together. Once you have glued the legs, you will find out that some parts will come fully intact while others will not. So there is nothing to worry about that.

Step 3 glue torso

When you are finished with the legs, prepare the torso and then glue the torso together.

Step 4 Glue torso to legs

When you have your torso and legs already glued together. The next step is glue the torso to the legs. It is a good idea to slightly turn the torso to give variety to your figures.

Step 5 glue head

Now that the torso and the legs are already glued together. You are almost half way in finishing the figure we now completed the body the only part left is the head. So to completed the job, we have to glue the head to the body. On the first step, you have already pick your choice for the head. So simply glue the head.

Step 6 glue arms

As soon as the head is attached to the body, you have already to prepare the important part of them all the arms. This is also the the most important step. You must glue the correct arms to the figure. Make sure that you know what arms to attach because if you attach an arm that is not perfectly fit to the figure it will look awkward and ugly. You did not want your figure to look funny just because you did not put the right arms. So be sure on what you are doing.

Step 7 Glue shoulder pads

When you have already finished attaching all the body parts of your Chaos Khorne Berserker its time to attach the shoulder pads. Just simply glue the shoulder pads.

And there you have it…. You have now your Chaos Khorne Berserker.