Characteristic Russian Handmade Dolls Known for Their Artistic Style

Handmade dolls are popular for its uniqueness and craft works. Russian handmade dolls reflect the traditions and culture of people living in Russia. These are hand painted and are dressed in the traditional attires of the people of Russia. Russian gifts are known for its artistic look and so are getting popular all over the world. People choose Russian dolls as the traditional gift idea in times of festive occasions. Made of Eco friendly materials, most of the handmade ones originated from Russia. Nesting dolls gained popularity because of its stacked nature. Number of daughter dolls stacked inside each other, the nesting dolls are the symbol of fertility and motherhood.

Every single craft work in the Russian dolls has a meaning with itself. Russians used to gift these in times of weddings as this signifies the continuous family life. Mostly female images are crafted earlier and Russian crafts are finding a considerable change with time and so Russian dolls are crafted with the faces of celebrities and other popular personalities. Russian nesting dolls are made of fine quality wood and the same piece of wood is used for craving the whole set. These dolls also depict the history and tales of ancient Russia and the lifestyle of the Russians. When people look for gifts to present their loved ones, mostly they would choose Russian collections like lacquer boxes, amber jewelry and handmade dolls. Russian lacquer boxes also represent the scenes of historic tales of Russians.

Russian gifts and nesting dolls along with the perfect piece of art work reflecting Russian culture, is an attractive way of home decor. Charming handmade dolls brings the tradition and culture of Russia to your living room. Nesting dolls are also known as Matryoshka dolls as it marks the symbol of motherhood. Handmade dolls are painted with stunning colors and extraordinary designs. The craftsmen create the smallest doll first in such a way that it fits its mother doll. The same way all the other dolls of the whole Matryoshka set is designed. The elegance and the simple nature have brought such fame to Russian nesting dolls around the world.

Earlier Russian handmade dolls are expensive but with years the popularity of Russian gifts made available the dolls at affordable prices. Russian dolls are available in exceptional designs and styles reflecting the traditional Russian art. There are websites which offers Russian handmade dolls for sale online. More than decorative item, Russian dolls are also an excellent gift idea for special occasions. Look for the various stunning designs of handmade dolls to gift your special ones.