Charisma: Assembly Required

Deeply buried within your subconscious mind are multiple personalities from past incarnations. That is why most people are laden with moods which are remnants of past personalities. You may not be born with charisma but you may have had plenty of it in past incarnations. You can develop charisma and bring out your past talents by learning what charisma is and how to cultivate it. Charisma is magnetism and magnetism gives some the ability to hypnotize almost anyone into doing almost anything, as one of its by-products will make you more convincing and gives you the ability to influence people.

First, if you want to influence people you have to connect with them emotionally and physically. You have to unload your excess baggage of any personal problems or issues that may distract you. Second, your silent vibrations are golden when you smile and make eye contact. Third, your magnetism will allow people to open themselves to your charisma. Fourth, your speech must be clear and persuasive with just the right amount of measured conviction. If you exaggerate or lie, or suffer from talkativeness, the words you say are as useless and ineffective as toy bullets shot from a plastic gun. With words that are always truthful and sincere, they will have just the opposite effect. Fifth, your ability to listen to people and their needs makes you more trustworthy and empathetic in your communication. Very few people realize that you can steal magnetism from others.

The second you look into a person's eyes there is a magnet of energy being replaced. Shaking hands forms a magnet and the weakest one steals the vibration from the other. You are exchanging these vibrations back and forth without your knowledge. There are many different types of magnetism, so be careful when you shake hands and what you associate with because if you exchange your vibrations with an evil and immoral person you will attract their negativity to you.

Beware of developing the attracting power of "animal magnetism" as some types of snakes use this attractive magnetic power to draw and charm small animals. Physically-minded people are drawn by animal magnetism. This type of magnetic exchange between adolescents of the opposite sex awakens emotions and blinding passions drawing all types of destructive behavior to themselves. It is detrimental to allow oneself to physically or mentally come under the semi-hypnotic influence of someones' animal magnetism as one would be constantly blinded by the stronger personality. When the mind is full of prejudice one can be secretly guided right or wrongly by another person's judgment.

Some types of magnetism are very desirable to have. There is wealth magnetism, mental magnetism, bodily magnetism, and spiritual magnetism. Spiritual magnetism is the grandest of them all. Those who are naturally magnetized have it all. And the reason for this is that whenever every cell of your body is naturally magnetized you attract the One that gives all. Amplifying the force of your spiritual magnetism will help you in every way possible. Again we see the universal laws to attract and repulse working here. Powerful magnets attract from greater distances than magnets that are smaller and weaker. A powerful mental magnet can attract a human being from a great distance, irregardless of the barriers and boundaries. When you have mental magnetism connected to the heart, borders mean nothing. In order to clothe yourself in garments of magnetism, learn to control yourself, have kind words, positive actions and deeds.

And above all, to become a super magnet by transforming yourself, you will have to come within range and associate yourself with spiritual magnetic giants. If you mix with the wrong people their silent vibrations will affect you in the opposite way. As the monkey loves to imitate, you do not want to be monkey like by imitating the qualities and mannerisms of others without being able to be real, but blind imitation is better than nothing as long as the standard is high.

To have a successful business you must develop the power of charisma and have the appealing power of magnetism; few people have this power of magnetism, but most do have some latent power within themselves. Magnetism is the attractive force that like gravity draws everything down to you. It not only draws the right business associates, material wealth, friends, the right wife or the right husband, but if your magnetism is wrong you will draw the wrong relationships and wrong everything else. Magnetism is not self confidence. Self confidence does not attract the bees to the flower; it is the fragrance of the magnetism that the flower exudes through its delicate beauty that even when you crush it, it still exudes its fragrance.

There are three main principles through which one gains magnetism. The first principle is spiritual magnetism. You must eradicate hatred and revenge with firmness and fairness and this will make you more magnetic. If you mix with the wrong people their silent vibrations will affect you in the opposite way. The second principle is mental magnetism. The sure way to mental magnetism is to never be afraid of anything. You must know fear is nervousness itself. Fear cripples the will to fight in your conscious mind. No matter what your fear is, you have the strength to fight. God never tests us with more than we can handle. When your nerves are not calm, fear will destroy your initiative and paralyze the desire of producing successful efforts.

The third principle is physical magnetism. This will require you to rid your body of toxins which poisons your system by weakening the energy inside you from flawed elimination, poor eating habits and other transgressions that weakened your immune system. When your body has been cleaned out or purified, your energy will show itself through your eyes and expressions and your body will exude magnetism. Each time you move your hands or body you are ejecting magnetism.

You must associate yourself with successful people, so you may steal their magnetism and remember it is not five minutes or your money back. Prolonged periods of time will be required. Do not associate yourself with lowlifes because environment is much stronger than will power. The company of sick people can make you sickness-conscious through wrong magnetic-vibrations, which should be acquired. Good habits magnetize like a horseshoe magnet adheres to and will not let go of particles of iron. Those who wish to become successful should mix with successful people; the company of successful people is a great antidote for failure.

Juvenile or childish desires belong to mundane, earthly people and therefore one day will cause you to realize the feasibility of your hard work to only gain wealth or material magnetism. We shall stop wasting time in magnetizing needless material objects and amplify the force of spiritual magnetism which extracts all goodness; consequently, there will be no need any longer to apply the less forms of magnetism for anything else as you will have it all. All bodily desires are perishable like spiritual desires that are imperishable. If you have lost a diamond and you try to replace it with a chunk of broken glass to satisfy yourself, you're headed for disillusionment. You will not find a lost diamond in a heap of broken glass because you're looking for it in the wrong place since in magnetizing fragments of glittering earthly pleasures, you will end up disgusted as it is vainly foolish to find lasting happiness in material things .