Cheap All Inclusive Holidays

Does all inclusive holidays mean a cheaper holiday? Well in theory they should cost less since you are prepaying for everything, but quite often you may find a cheap all inclusive holiday may turn out to be expensive. To make sure you get all you are paying for you should make sure you ask about the following points before you book you holiday.

1. Every hotel and destination is different and have different rules for their all inclusive option. To be certain of what your hotel will offer be sure to scrutinise the details before booking, it is too late after you arrive. The minimum you should expect is a selection of the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner complete with all you local drinks.

2. For a cheap all inclusive holiday you will want to have a reasonable amount of time to enjoy the bar menu. A good guide for an All inclusive hotel should have a good range of alcoholic beverages available for at least 12 hours during the day. Ideally the better resorts will have at least one bar open 24 hours. You may have to pay extra for this type of resort, but many times if you wait until a few days before your departure and book the hotel you may be able to strike a deal with your travel agent to upgrade to a better resort.

3. Quite often what costs extra on a holiday is the snacks that have not been accounted for, but make sure whatever you decide to book includes unlimited free 24 hour snacks.

4. Many all inclusive resorts may not include entertainment. For a truly cheap all inclusive holiday makes sure all your daytime and night time entertainment is included in the price. A kids club is a good idea for the young ones; this means you will be able to fully enjoy the facilities without the worries of your young children getting bored.

5. In most all exclusive's you will be required to wear a wrist band in order for you not to be charged

6. A good healthy guide to remember when you are on holiday in such a large resort with lots of people around, good hygiene is highly recommended. Baby wipes are a good idea to wash your hands before you eat. After all most germs are transmitted from your hands and if you have touched for example the banister on your way into the restaurant and someone has just sneezed into their hands and touched the banister before you, these germs will be transmitted.

Cheap all inclusive holidays are a great way to holiday. The first stop to find such a holiday should be your local High Street travel agent, who will inform you of all the details of your holiday. In the times of the credit crunch choosing this type of holiday will favor tourists wanting to make sure they buy at today's exchange rate. Many people enjoy this option as it means they do not have to bring much spending money with them.