Cheap Bamboo Flooring

Over the last few years, bamboo as a material for flooring has become almost as popular as wood. And no wonder – bamboo is attractive, durable and versatile; It has also become a popular choice for those trying to do their small part in helping to protect the environment.

Bamboo is harvested all over the world, including the United States, meaning that cheap bamboo flooring has become more spacious available. In fact, bamboo costs about the same as other more traditional types of flooring, averaging from $ 4 to $ 6 per square foot. It's ideal for the bathroom or kitchen, as it is naturally resistant to water and also less likely to warp than other types of wood.

Bamboo has several advantages, helping it to make it a natural choice. It is actually the hardest type of wood flooring available, making it suitable for both residential and commercial use. It comes in several different shades and is easy to install by stapling, nailing or gluing down. It's also very easy to stain or dye it and bamboo is surprisingly resilient; In fact, it can withstand more force than concrete.

But although one of the largest benefits of cheap bamboo flooring is that it is extremely environmentally-friendly; More so than other more traditional flooring materials. Bamboo grows extremely quickly – often several feet in a day – meaning that it can be replenished easily and quickly, once harvested.

You do not need to have an Asian theme in your home to appreciate the strength and natural beauty of bamboo flooring. This versatile material can complement just about any theme or color scheme and can be used in any room in the house. For a flooring material that is just a little bit different, but has a lot of advantages, bamboo makes an excellent choice.