Cheap Stair Parts – Remodel Your Stairs With Iron Balusters

Remodeling your staircase with iron balusters is fast, easy and affordable! Your stairs are the focal point in your home and a simple remodel will dramatically change the entire look of your home and also increase your homes value at the same time. Most do-it-yourself enthusiasts can accomplish a simple stair remodel on their own without the need of hiring a contractor or stair installer.

A complete stair remodel guide.

After you have decided to remodel your stairs, the first step is to measure out your staircase and create a part list. This sounds difficult but in most cases you can simply count the number of wooden balusters (also called spindles or pickets). In order to meet stair code, your balusters can only be 4 inches apart max. If any gap greater than 4 inches exists in your stair system then you will not meet code and fail any home inspection. If your wooden balusters already meet code then your iron balusters should be able to use the existing holes that were drilled for the wood balusters.

After you know how many you want, it’s time to go online and find some stair parts and pick a design. I recommend you go to cheap stair parts for your balusters. They have a great selection and low prices. Even if you find the same products on another any other website, they will beat that price by 5%. My home was a larger remodel and I spent over $1600 so they also gave me free shipping. I strongly recommend them.

When buying iron balusters, try to stay within the same family of products. Do not mix hammered balusters with plain balusters. Do not mix baluster sizes such as 9/16″ round with 1/2″ Square. Also do not mix finishes. Stay within the same finish for all of your parts. If you do not know what finish to choose, I recommend Satin Black to be safe but Oil Rubbed Bronze is very hot right now and should match your home as easily as Satin Black will.

Once you have purchase your stair parts, it’s time to begin the remodel. Lay out some sheets on your stairs to protect your flooring from debris. Cut out your wooden balusters with any saw that will fit. Just make one cut in the center of the balusters and then wiggle out the the top and bottom. Remove any loose nails. After your balusters are removed, sand around the area and get it ready for any additional stain or paint. Now is the time to re-stain or paint any areas that need touched up.

Get a band saw or a chop saw with a metal cutting blade and cut your iron balusters to length. Measure from the bottom of the handrail to the top of the flooring, add 3/4″ and cut your baluster that long. Then re-drill into the handrail one inch deep. Make sure the bottom has a 1/4″ hole deep. Slide your baluster shoes onto the balusters and then slide your baluster up into the handrail and drop it down into the hole below. Use a dime size drop of non-drip, clear dry epoxy on the top and bottom of the baluster. This will hold it into place easily.

After the balusters are secure, drop the shoes down and then epoxy them to the floor. Now you have a finished look. Do some clean up and enjoy your remodeled stairs.