Cheaper Painter Vs Quality Painter

Is it really in your best interest to hire the cheapest contractor possible? In short, No! It is not going to be to your advantage if you hire someone to just come in and use cheap materials and slack on the labor process just because it’s cheaper. It doesn’t come out cheaper if you have to go back and fix any problems or worse start all over. The second time around your going to pay more to have it done right and fix what may have been torn up. Remember the saying you get what you pay for!

When you hire the cheapest guy out there you have a major factor against you already. Let’s take a look at how he is going to make his money for the year. You have two types of paint contractors out there one that charges more but he spends more time and better quality materials on your project. He may do less jobs in a year but he is recovering the cost in the higher price. There is one major character quality about this individual that is in your best interests. This contractor is spending more time and using quality materials on your home or business. He is looking out for your best interest and building a good reputation in the process.

Now let’s think about the cheaper guy. He makes his money by doing more houses at a cheaper price. For him to accomplish this he is all about speed. Which is a dangerous combination he runs the risk of not only a accident on your property he also becomes sloppy due to the attitude just want to get this one out of the way and move on to the next one. Then you through in the fact of less money means cheaper paint brands and not quality. His bills are going to be the same as the more expensive guy so he still has to keep his expenses at a minimum. All of these problems are not in the best interest of the customer.

There are several factors that can save you time, money, and headache. When looking for a quality paint contractor take a little time to ask a few simple questions like these listed below.

  1. What kind of surface preparation will you be doing?
  2. What brand of paint will you be using?
  3. Will you be using a primer?
  4. Will be using a roller or a sprayer? (There are many considerations to think about this question.) overspray and bleed through.
  5. What is your cleanup policy?