Checking Out Different Analog Mixing Equipment Features

Mixing is very important for music as it’s a way to add a great sound to the actual music you’ve produced. This is the main reason why many individuals are looking for the best people who can do analog mixing for them particularly if they want to sell their music.

The good news is there are lots of studios that will aid them get the sound they want to get. However, many of them would like to invest in getting their analog mixers epically if they want to start a studio for a business. If you’re among these people planning to get the best analog mixing equipment, there are several things you may want to check on them to get the right ones for you.

Channel configuration

These input channels are the parts that allow the mixing machine to record or get the sound needed. Depending on the manufactures and models some may have 10 or lesser number of input channels. Some configuration would allow you to use their stereo input channels into mono so you can get more number of microphone inputs. This will ensure you can use more of them when needed.

Control panels

These control panels are important specifically when you’re ready to mix your music. What you just need to do is to look for how it has been configured to ensure you’ll get the most user friendly ones for you.


If you’ll think of an analog mixers, the first thing that will come into your mind is how bulky they can get. Of course, you can get them as long as you don’t have any problems with space. But if you have limited space, it’s better for you to choose the compact mixers. Instead of having a big bulk of equipment, you can get these smaller and thinner versions to help you in mixing your music. However, you must have to check these information about configuration and other features so you’ll know whether they’ll work properly for you or not.


Most of the time, there are music or recordings that may sound great but they can e better as long as a compressor is used. These compressors have the ability to extract the top equality vocals that will help you with your music production needs. look for the compressor feature right from their websites to help you get the right equipment that can give you these quality sounds.

In conclusion, finding an analog mixing machine for you is easy as long as you check for its features. There are now lots of brands that offer these products and they’re the ones that have already established a name when it comes to music so you can trust them with the right features that you want for your studio.