Chemical Engineer

In the current world's situation, where the energy is becoming more and more insufficient for everybody, I believe that alternative energy is a must. For example, oil price increases almost everyday in the past and it will continually increase in the future. People have a hard time affording the gas price and other things like grocery because everything becomes more expensive as oil price increases.

The major that I think is the most useful is Chemical engineering, which I personally choose to study in college. I believe that Chemical engineers can achieve great future for every body in every society. I have a dream that one day I will participate in the projects, which research alternative energy, and make a better future for everyone to live in. I believe that if we successfully mass production alternative energy to replace oil that we currently use it for energy, everything would become cheaper and everyone will be happy.

Chemical engineer does not make money well like doctors, dentist, or other careers, but I do believe that Chemical engineering is the most useful career in the future. I believe that Chemical engineers can make benefits not only for themselves but for everybody in the community as well. I know some people who want to be a doctor or dentist only because of the money they will make in the future. I think that it is not good to only think about one's future. We should think about others' future as well and I believe that will make a world a better place to live.

In July, 2008, I went to Oregon State University's Chemical engineering buildings and I saw many Chemical engineering projects. There was one project that I really liked. The project was about leaked oil pipes in the ocean. The oil would leak off the pipes everyday due to the ages of the pipe. The company, who responsible for the pipes would not change the pipes because it is too expensive to do, they chose to let the oils leak instead of replacing them. So the students and the teachers at the Chemical engineering department at OSU formed a group and do this project. The project was to wrap the plastic around the pipes to prevent it from leaking. The plastics had to be calculated perfectly about the pressure under the ocean and what materials to use to make this particular plastic. That is where Chemical engineering came in. I was amazed and I hoped that I will have a chance to participate in the projects like this at Oregon State University.