Chemistry and LDS Online Dating

LDS online dating can be tricky. How do you know if there will be chemistry when you actually meet in person if you feel chemistry already online? Will it be the same? I have had numerous experiences dating online from LDS dating websites (because I am LDS) with this very question. It's scary to meet someone for the first time and you do not want to blow it because you think that there could be definite potential when you mesh so well through emails and talking on the phone. But the attraction, a lot of times, does not follow all the way through to when you actually meet a person face to face for the first time.

First off, make sure you share similar beliefs and values. Being LDS, dating those who share your LDS faith can be a major bonus when trying to connect. Not only will you be able to discuss things with the same intent, but it will make the chemistry easier to maintain without fights over religion. I've dated non-members and it sees the subject always rears its ugly head into the conversation, which historically snuffs out the chemistry that was once there.

It's hard to get a good feel for people over the internet. Being the internet, you can come across the inevitable whack-job, even on LDS dating websites, they always seem to sneak their way in through the cracks. But away from the occasional whack-job, people tend to make them look better on paper, so to speak. So to actually get a good feel for them, you have to meet people in person; there is no other way around it. Sure, you can email and chat all you want, but keep in mind it is easier to write something down because you have more time to analyze and think of just the right thing to say.

Girls tend to always think ahead when it comes to relationships. The handsome husband, the cute house and white picket fence, forty billion of your own kids running down the isle during Sacrament meeting … the Mormon dream. I hate to admit it, but I am notorious for this, day dreaming about some guy I totally mesh with over the Internet. Why do we girls do this? In all honesty, it is fun to think about your future life together, but do not put too much stock into it. Also, if you are clicking with someone you've never met in person and you are already making engagement and wedding plans with them before you've even met, it's not a good idea, do not even go there. The disappointment, if you two do not have chemistry in person, could be very hurtful. My heartfelt advice, just do not do it.

Ok, so what if you have put a lot of time and effort getting to know someone and you finally meet and there is nothing, nada, zilch, not an ounce of chemistry between you two, but you do not want to say anything because you've wasted so much time already with this person? Well, it's not a great idea to pretend; actually it's a bad, bad, idea. Do not pretended to like someone, it only builds buildings but can hurt more feelings in the long run if you do not tell them straight out that the chemistry just is not there. It may be that they are feeling the same way but are just too embarrassed to say something. More than likely, you will be doing both of you a favor if you are honest and up-front about the situation.

My advice is to be aware and accept the fact that there will not always be chemistry when you meet. If you keep this in mind, and there is not chemistry, it will be a disappointment, but will also be much easier to accept and move on. But if you are lucky enough to have amazing chemistry with someone when you finally meet, then go for it.