Cherished Perishables – Top 5 Consumable Gifts

Toss the fruitcake and candy canes! For years the idea of giving or receiving a food item has had people appalled and aghast. But there is no need to turn up your nose at the thought! Giving perishable gifts at Christmas time is a common holiday tradition that can actually be enjoyed by giver and receiver. And, sending fruit baskets, pies, or cakes has always been a part of the holiday season. Though the thought of the perishable gift has largely been scoffed at, there are several gifts people still love to receive from this semi-taboo category. Take this list for a whirl and do not be surprised with how many compliments you receive. For every rule there is an exception, and with gifts this delectable you will be glad to be the rule-breaker.

  1. Gourmet Coffee – Ditch your grocery store brand and head for the specialty stores to make this gift a hit. You may even need to travel a little bit farther than your local Starbucks, but do not lose your head! Gourmet coffee sets and accessories are prized in today’s caffeine-driven world. The aromatic flavor of freshly ground coffee beans invigorate the spirit and enliven the mind with a gentle lift. Some studies are even suggesting that a little bit of coffee daily helps awaken the brain enough to aid in prevention of age-associated memory disorders. What’s not to love? Try creating your own gift set with flavor infused coffee, agave syrup, and a reusable ceramic “Not A Paper Cup” styled coffee mug.
  2. Specialty Tea – Tea has gained a huge revitalizing movement in the past few years. Specialty tea stores can now be found in many malls, with all variety of accessories from strainers to tea-for-one sets. No longer the prime choice for the English, a specialty tea gift basket is now a coveted holiday gift. When making your tea selections, be sure to combine different tea varieties (white, green, black, or red). Great accessories include infusers, tea-specific travel mugs, and honey dipped spoons.
  3. Chocolates – Truffles, fudge, and decorated delights! Chocolates that thrill your eyes as much as your taste buds are the perfect treat for the holiday sweet tooth. A delectable variety and a beautiful box are everything you need. Not everyone has the time to bake, and very few have the skill to make cookies and candies look like little professional masterpieces. Go to your local chocolatier and delight yourself with treats in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. With the right ribbon wrapped box or package, this gift is a coveted choice!
  4. Wine – Aged to perfection, a good bottle of wine brings an entire meal together, as well as the people sharing it. With a bottle of wine as your accompanying gift, you will never be empty-handed. The best part is that the bottle need not be opened and shared immediately, but it can be if desired! Go the extra mile and include a few accessories with your bottle to make the gift a complete package. Consider aerators, wine glass charms, decorated stoppers, and easy-open corkscrews as accents to the perfect glass of wine.
  5. Cookies – No doubt you made an incredible assortment of cookies for the holiday season. Save your waistline the trouble of expanding, and offer some of your delicacies as gifts to neighbors and coworkers. They make the perfect, thoughtful gift without adding any extra effort onto your plate. This is the ideal gift for sharing with acquaintances, as opposed to close friends. A decorated plate wrapped with colored plastic wrap and ribbon can be adorned with a sampling of the many delicious cookies your family baked this year.