Children’s Sunday School – An Object Lesson to Reinforce Teachings

Children in Sunday school want interesting, interactive Bible activities. When you use an object lesson, you’re giving your students a way to relate the Bible lesson to their daily lives.

Toolbox Sunday School Idea

For this Bible activity, you’ll need a toolbox filled with regular and “other” tools such as the following:

*Wooden spoon

Beginning the Toolbox Object Bible Lesson

Take each tool out of the toolbox, one at a time, and explain to the children in your Sunday school class what each tool is used for. But don’t show your class the Bible until the end of the lesson. Ask your children’s church class if they were surprised to see the “other” tools you included such as the wooden spoon and ruler.

Explain that the toolbox is like a church, and we are all God’s tools. Each of the tools (each of us) is different and special, and each has its own purpose. While we expected to see the regular tools such as the hammer in the toolbox, we didn’t fully expect to see the wooden spoon and other tools. Explain that the “regular” tools are the pastors and Sunday school teachers while the “other” tools are other people. God has a use for each and every one of us, and we all have a purpose.

Now, again take each of the tools out, one at a time, and ask your children’s Sunday school class to think of ways that each tool could be used by God and what types of people might use that particular tool. For example, a hammer might be used by someone building a shed or a missionary worker. The pencil could be used to write positive notes or Bible verses.

Encourage the class to think of other tools that you have left out of the toolbox. Finally, end the Bible lesson by retrieving the Bible from the toolbox and tell the class that it is the most powerful tool that God has provided us with.

This Sunday school idea is a great way to reinforce how important the Bible is in our lives.