Chimineas – Warming The Chilly Night

Chimineas are open fire garden heaters originally imported from Mexico. Chimineas are believed to be used by Mexican tribesmen hundreds to thousands of years ago to keep the family warm. It was also used for baking and cooking purposes. The original Chiminea was designed in such a way that it can prevent the rain from putting-out the fire and can keep one's family warm with only the use of a few sticks.

Chimineas, as used today are a fireplace suited in the outdoors, giving it warmth and beauty as much as an indoor fireplace gives heat and vibration indoors.

The heavy-duty cast iron Aztec Chiminea weighs around a hundred pounds. The door of this Chiminea has a screen that is used to keep the fire sparks in the fire place. It has a topper that prevails water from getting inside the fire chamber. At the top of this Chiminea is also a spark arrestor that can be conveniently removed. The Aztec Cast Iron Chiminea comes in a variety of finishes that can certainly bring a natural feel to one's patio.

One of the most popular outdoor fireplace is the Elite Jr. Chiminea, which is smaller than the average-size Chiminea. Its size makes it ideal for small spaces. Because its grate is completely open, the guests can have fun watching the flames.

It can support a deep fire through three scrolled that can accommodate small logs and large sticks. This fireplace has angled lines along the chimney and fire basin that adds beauty to it. The Elite Jr. Chiminea has a topper that is designed to keep away small animals and insects from getting inside it. It is a very durable because it is constructed with a complete cast iron.

Aside from being sturdy, it is also very easy to assemble that it can take one only around twenty minutes to put the fireplace together.

A creative mix of style and design makes the Smokestack Chiminea a pleasant-to-the-eye source of warmth. It also has three hundred-sixty degree view of the fire that guests can enjoy watching. With its cap and hearth made of copper, this fireplace is made much more decorative and beautiful to look at.

Its large chimney is specifically designed to control its exhaust and a drawer for the ash is also built-into it to make its cleaning convenient. It also has a black finish, beautiful copper accents and a sturdy stand made of steel that will add an attraction to one's deck, patio and gardens.