Chimney Saver: The Most Effective Waterproofing Agent for Chimneys

A chimney is a tube like hollow structure that serves to safely draw the smoke and gases out of your home. Whether venting wood smoke, coal smoke or even venting nothing at all, it will gradually deteriorate if it is not protected. The flue on the roof is constantly exposed to rain, snow and the freeze – thaw cycles of winter. The most common problem with a chimney is water penetration. It is important to address this problem otherwise it may cause serious damage to your appliance.

Chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly damages caused by water penetration. You should use chimney savers to prevent water penetration and absorption. Unlike typical water sealers, chimney saver penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration and maintain the vapor permeability of the structure. It can protect your flue from getting damaged by deterioration, corrosion and mildew. It is 100% vapors permeable.

Chimney saver is the first waterproofing agent developed for chimneys. It has been successfully used by leading professionals. This saver is the most widely used waterproofing agent to save your smokestack. It allows your chimney to breathe out, not in. Thus, water that penetrates your flue or moisture that originates from its sides is allowed to escape.

The use of chimney saver can save you hundreds of dollars in repair over the use of standard water sealers. It traps the water vapors from the surface and protects the masonry surface from water damage. Water protection is especially needed when a new chimney liner has been installed. If repair and preventive measures are not taken, the old flue may continue to deteriorate around the new liner.

This is available in both solvent based (mineral spirits) and water based formulas. The most popular is the water based chimney saver. It is available in 3 to 5 gallon containers with a warranty of 10 years. It can also be applied on a damp surface so you do not need to wait for a dry day. It can prevent all types of water damage such as freeze-thaw damage, deterioration and corrosion.

The water based saver has become an integral part of the substrate and provides long-term water repellent protection. Waterproofing saver will save you the major expense of repairing the brick chimney or replacing it altogether. It is a long term investment for the protection of your chimney.Decor your home most stylish chimneys