Chinese Use Acupuncture to Get Rid of Bad Breath

In all of my research on halitosis and its treatment, perhaps this is the most uncommon way to cure bad breath I have come across. As an American we are not accustomed to using acupuncture as a normal treatment. We don’t think of Acupuncture as how to get rid of bad breath. Acupuncture is the art of using tiny needles placed into the skin in strategic areas to block certain nerves to change the flow of Qi which is pronounced “Chee.” It is believed that the Qi is the energy flowing through our bodies that gives use the power think, move, work, and feel.

Chinese medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. Their approach to medicine is much different than that of the western world. They believe that the health of the body mind and spirit is all connected through Qi. The balance of the Yin and Yang is the basic principle of Chinese traditional medicine. It is said that all life is born from the interdependency of the Yin and the Yang in an everlasting motion that creates good health. When one or the other gets out of balance the whole body can be thrown off. This is when disease and illness can inter the body. In Chinese medicine balance and health go hand in hand.

The Chinese believe that bad breath is caused by a hot stomach. As the name implies there is too much heat coming from the stomach. This can cause such problems as bad breath, gum disease and swelling, mouth ulcers, frontal lobe headaches. Excess stomach heat can be caused by a number of factors like extremely high stress levels, bad diet, stomach flu, eating food that has turned bad, and much more. It really is quite common, in fact a lot of time it goes undetected and people just choose to suffer with it and try taking antacids. This only masks the problem. If you can find the cause of your hot stomach then it can be reversed, if not perhaps acupuncture will help. I know it sounds strange and maybe a little scary to think of allowing some stranger to poke a bunch of needles into your skin.

Remember acupuncture has been around for a very long time. In fact the Chinese have been perfecting the skill of acupuncture for thousands of years. You don’t think it would still be used if it didn’t work do you. With acupuncture the balance between the Yin and The yang can be restored thus restoring health to the body. This in turn will allow the stomach to return to its normal temperature. Then the bad breath should be cured. It is very important when looking for a qualified acupuncturist that you do your homework. Ask around; try to find somebody to recommend someone that is reputable.

Don’t just go to the first one in the phone book. After all we are talking about your health. Of course this is only one solution to having bad breath. Some people are very afraid of needles and some just don’t like the idea of having a bunch of needles being poked into their bodies. If this is not right for you then by all means see some of my other articles. I have many on the subject of bad breath cures.