Chocolate Bikini

The chocolate bikini is a new movement changing the way we think, feel and live during these warm summer days. The swimsuit was introduced in 1946, and is believed to be one of the first public swimming costumes in existence. Evidence produced from 300 A.D. Roman   mosaics , historians point to the swimsuit of choice for ancient Roman women. Who knew it went back so far and imagine the different level of stress that went with the public viewing of any women in this suit.

Today our society puts a much different demand on those who choose to wear a such swimwear. This is what created the demand for the chocolate bikini way of life. This is the belief that many women can and will look great while wearing a swimsuits. Chocolate is the key ingredient to make this happen.

It was once considered beautiful to have a full figure skin without sun exposure. It was a sign that you were rich having much food and no need to labor out of doors. It was a sign of success. Modern society looks at it in a very different light. To be thin and bronzed is the basic requirements of wearing such a garment. Fitness is also a requirement. How different the thoughts of modern society.

The most modern birth of the bikini back in 1946 was just one year after the end of World War 2. During that summer a French designer created and marketed the bikini swimsuit. The bikini began to be marketed and sold in the United States just one year after its introduction in France. The reaction to the swimsuit was good however, the sales were slow. It wasn’t until 1960 that sales soared to great numbers. Now a even bigger and more liberating movement is upon us, its the chocolate bikini.

Today with the increase in obesity the sales have shifted. With the many other options geared to flatter the different body types. A new movement is upon us changing the way we think about the bikini. A good word might be delicious as chocolate bikini surfaces the globe changing the way we think about swimwear and our body types.