Choose Stylish Handrails for Stairway Decoration

Handrails are among the most important parts in any staircase. Not only should they provide a good grip and be strong and sturdy, but they should also be aesthetically pleasing. Handrails for stairs come in a wide range of styles these days. So, before deciding to buy, you should look around a bit and check with different manufacturers to get the best ideas for your own staircase.

One of the easiest ways to research new handrail designs is to hunt around a bit on the Internet. Just use your favorite search engine to look for manufacturers' websites. Most carry extensive online catalogs of their products. Browse through available designs and try to take your pick.

If you have a unique design in mind, look for customization facilities. Some manufacturers of stair parts and accessories are willing to work with your designs. They would take your unique ideas, help fine tune them and craft the staircase of your dreams. If you are aiming for a truly unique and striking effect, this is a great way to impress the visitors.

When choosing handrails for stairs, design considerations are very critical. The handrails should complement the rest of the stairs. If you have a Gothic styled staircase, choose a handrail design that will fit it. If you have a more minimalist or contemporary styled staircase, choose the handrail design that goes well with it.

Some of the most standard formats in handrails for stairs are as follows:

  • Straight handrails – Simple, polite yet beautiful, these are perfect for smaller stairways that want beauty and excellence within a tight budget
  • Bending handrails – These use splices for an intricate look and add a touch of royal grandness to any ordinary staircase
  • Returned End handrails – These usually have returned end fittings already attached to each end of the handrail. You can also have them prefinished which makes them ready to be installed right after unpacking
  • Quarter Turn handrails – Beautifully contoured handrails for those exquisite turns in your staircase
  • 45 Degree Mitered handrails – 45 Degree Mitered handrails come mitered at a 45 degree angle and are attached on both ends.