Choose the Best Acupressure Mat

How the Tibetan Acupressure Mat is different to all the other Acupressure mats available on the market today?

The Tibetan Acupressure Mat is the ONLY Acu Mat developed by Scientists and widely clinically tested with positive results. The DESIGN of the Tibetan Acu mat is UNIQUE and DIFFERENT to the modified and softened ones created nowadays.

The idea of the Tibetan Acupressure Mat design confirms that the Sharper Pain the Stronger Gain.

So please check NOT the Name but the design. It is VERY easy to do there MUST be 18 SPIKES per standard Ø2cm flower. SIMPLY count, there should be only 18 points and the flowers MUST be distributed EVENLY.

All these can be checked visually. SO before you buy your Mat please do 3 initial checks:

1) Are there 18 spikes per Standard flower

2) Are the Plastic buttons distributed evenly on the base

3) Is the base a LINEN fabric WITHOUT PADDING for optimal Acupressure effect

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you won’t be wondering why your Acupressure Mat doesn’t work for you! Because our Tibetan Acupressure Mats work in 99.99% of cases! And it doesn’t perform as well in 0.01% when people simply forget to lie on it!

  • Only Tibetan Acu Mats are clinically tested and have all the relevant reports and certificates on effective treatment performance.
  • Tibetan AcuMats are manufactured in a Healthy and Safe environment in the EU. Only certified and environmentally friendly materials (plastic, glue and fabric) are used in the making of the mats
  • The use of Linen means the mats do not cause any allergies and eliminates the possibility of skin irritation. Linen naturally suppresses live pathogenic micro flora, bacteria and fungi. Linen flax is actually an effective barrier to some diseases
  • Not using any bleaching process for our Linen base. The fabric is kept natural to maximise it’s inherent properties
  • NOT Using foam or sponge padding. In use pads made with foam or sponge can cause skin to overheat. The padding can also become a breeding ground for Dust Mites which can cause allergic reactions in their own right!
  • Using only the highest standard of materials – medical plastic and non-toxic glue for our mats
  • Sharpness and density of the spines on our mats are different to the milder versions of competitors. Tibetan Acupressure mats have not been ‘domesticated’ to appeal to cultural norms! Acumats work best when the spines are sharp, this has been clinically proved. That is why the spines on our Mats are sharp. That is why with Tibetan Acupressure Mats positive results are guaranteed whereas with competitor mats it can only be truthfully stated that mats MAY help with similar problems
  • The maximum effect from using an Acu mat can only be achieved by using it on a hard flat surface. The flat base and Spike distribution of the Tibetan Acu Mat is a vital part of treatment quality and results. Padded mats or increased spike density simply reduce the Acupressure effect
  • Tibetan Acu Mats are very compact and easy to use anywhere, even if you are away on Holidays
  • Tibetan Acu Mats regularly receive the highest ratings by people who test different mats for value and effectiveness