Choose the Right Soldering Tools for Your Pendants

When you are familiar in making the jewelry, you are probably also familiar with the solder. For who still does not know the solder, it is the metal alloy which is used to create the jewelry. One of the popular jewelry which is liked by the people is the pendants. If you like the pendant and you want to make it by yourself, you will need the soldering iron.

The tool is used to melt the solder and join the pendant’s component which is separated to each other. It is better for you to choose the right tool to make the pendant. It is because the iron has many different types which provide you the different heat’s amount to melt your solder.

1. The propane torch: it can be said that this tool is the best tool to help you in pendant making process. The fuel of this tool is the propane which is the gas type. The tool is used to solder the copper but it can also work well with the other metals. The propane torch is also able to reach 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit. It is quite temperature if you want to melt the solder.

2. The butane torch: It is another choice for you to use in the pendant jewelry. The fuel which is used to power this torch is the butane gas. You can use this tool to solder various metals. It can reach 2,500 Fahrenheit degrees which is hot enough to melt the metal effectively.

3. The oxy-acetylene torch which is the combination of acetylene and the oxygen: Another good tool to help you in jewelry making you can use. It produces the hotter heat than the propane or butane. By using this torch, you can produce 6,300 Fahrenheit degrees which let you cut, attach, and melt the solder.

4. The soldering pencils or pens: it is suitable for you who are not yet familiar with the torch. It has the lightweight which makes you are able to hold and move it easily. The fuel which powers this tool is the butane and can produce the 2,300 Fahrenheit degrees temperature heat.

5. The soldering irons: it can be said that the iron is not recommended in pendant jewelry making.