Choosing a Backpacking Stove

A stove can be a useful item to have on your backpacking trip, but many people simply can not figure out what type of stove to choose. You want to choose a stove that meets your needs. You also need a stove that is easy to use. The bottom line is you want a stove that is easy and safe to use.

The following list explains the different things you should consider and should help you to figure out what stove you should choose for your next backpacking trip.

– You do not want too big of a stove or too small of a stove.

– It needs to be sturdy. A sturdy stove is a safe stove. You may not always have a flat smooth area to set your stove so you also need to make sure it has strong legs and will be stable enough to stir a post without the pot or stove tipping over.

– It should be easy to fold up and set up.

– It should be easy to hook up the fuel and unhook the fuel.

– Adjusting the heat should be simple.

– It should fold up to be very compact so it does not take up too much space in your backpack.

– Look for a built in wind screen. This helps in windy conditions to keep the stove lit and allow you to continue to cook.

The whole idea of ​​a stove is to help save time when cooking. If the stove is difficult to operate, cumbersome or simply just does not meet your needs, then it is not the right stove for you. What is good for you may not necessarily be what is good for someone else. So, you can listen to recommendations, but you also have to focus on what you need. Look at a variety of stoves and choose the one that will work for you.